The Mother on women as the executive power

 Here.( a red rose) Now this, you see, this is more dynamic. You

won’t be able to see it, but it is more dynamic.

But women, women are in principle the executive power.

You must never forget that. And in order to receive the inspiration,

you can take support from a masculine consciousness if you

feel the need for it. There is the Supreme Consciousness which is

more certain, but still, if you need an intermediary… But for the

execution, it is you who have the power to carry it out in all the

details, with all the power of organisation. I am instilling this

into our women Members of Parliament—you know, there are

women in Parliament, and I am teaching them that: do not be

submissive to men. It is you who have the power of execution.

This will have its effect.

(To A and B) Oh! This is not to belittle… (laughter) The

inspiration comes… the execution is…

Complete Works of The Mother Vol 12 p426


That is why no law can liberate women unless they liberate

themselves; likewise, men too, in spite of all their habits of

domination, will cease to be slaves only when they have freed

themselves from all inner enslavement.

And this state of veiled struggle, often unavowed but always

present in the subconscient even in the best cases, seems

unavoidable, unless human beings rise above their ordinary consciousness

to identify themselves with the perfect consciousness

and unite with the Supreme Reality. For as soon as one attains

this higher consciousness one realises that the difference

between man and woman reduces itself to a purely physical



Complete Works of The Mother Vol 12 p104


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