Sri Aurobindo on Indian Culture

But there are other cultures led by a different conception

and even an opposite motive. And by the law of struggle which

is the first law of existence in the material universe, varying

cultures are bound to come into conflict. A deep-seated urge

in Nature compels them to attempt to extend themselves and

to destroy, assimilate and replace all disparates or opposites.

Conflict is not indeed the last and ideal stage; for that comes

when various cultures develop freely, without hatred, misunderstanding

or aggression and even with an underlying sense of

unity, their separate special motives. But so long as the principle

of struggle prevails, one must face the lesser law; it is fatal to

disarm in the midmost of the battle. The culture which gives up

its living separateness, the civilisation which neglects an active

self-defence will be swallowed up and the nation which lived by

it will lose its soul and perish. Each nation is a Shakti or power of

the evolving spirit in humanity and lives by the principle which

it embodies. India is the Bharata Shakti, the living energy of a

great spiritual conception, and fidelity to it is the very principle

of her existence. For by its virtue alone she has been one of the

immortal nations; this alone has been the secret of her amazing

persistence and perpetual force of survival and revival.

Complete Works of Sri Aurobindo Vol 20 p 57


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