Remarks on Indian Affairs, Sri Auromindo-1935


In your scheme of things do you definitely see a free India?

You have stated that for the spreading of spirituality in the

world India must be free. I suppose you must be working for

it! You are the only one who can do something really effective

by the use of your spiritual Force.

That is all settled. It is a question of working out only. The

question is what is India going to do with her independence?

The above kind of affair? Bolshevism? Goonda-raj? Things look

ominous. 16 September 1935


Please don’t go on thinking like others about what India is

going to do with her independence. Give her that first and let

her decide her fate however she likes.

You are a most irrational creature. I have been trying to logicise

and intellectualise you but it seems in vain. Have I not told you

that the independence is all arranged for and will evolve itself

all right? Then what’s the use of my bothering about that any

longer? It’s what she will do with her independence that is not

arranged for—and so it is that about which I have to bother.

18 September 1935


Can’t you say something a little more definite about independence

than that it “will evolve itself”? Such a phrase can

stretch itself out to the end of the cosmos. When the yogi

Baroda Babu was asked about this, he replied “Independence?

Not within 50 years!” We live in time and space and would

like to hear something in terms of time.

I am not a prophet like Baroda Babu. All I can say is that

the coming of independence is now sure (as anyone with any

political sense at all can see). As you do not accept my “play of

forces”, I can say no more than that—for that is all that can be

said by the “human time-sense”. 20 September 1935





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