To Know How to Suffer

IF AT any time a deep sorrow, a searing doubt or an intense

pain overwhelms you and drives you to despair, there is an

infallible way to regain calm and peace.

In the depths of our being there shines a light whose

brilliance is equalled only by its purity; a light, a living and

conscious portion of a universal godhead who animates and

nourishes and illumines Matter, a powerful and unfailing

guide for those who are willing to heed his law, a helper

full of solace and loving forbearance towards all who aspire

to see and hear and obey him. No sincere and lasting

aspiration towards him can be in vain; no strong and respectful

trust can be disappointed, no expectation ever deceived.

My heart has suffered and lamented, almost breaking beneath

a sorrow too heavy, almost sinking beneath a pain too

strong…. But I have called to thee, O divine comforter, I have

prayed ardently to thee, and the splendour of thy dazzling light

has appeared to me and revived me.

As the rays of thy glory penetrated and illumined all my

being, I clearly perceived the path to follow, the use that can be

made of suffering; I understood that the sorrow that held me in

its grip was but a pale reflection of the sorrow of the earth, of

this abysm of suffering and anguish.

Only those who have suffered can understand the suffering

of others; understand it, commune with it and relieve it. And

I understood, O divine comforter, sublime Holocaust, that in

order to sustain us in all our troubles, to soothe all our pangs,

thou must have known and felt all the sufferings of earth and

man, all without exception.

How is it that among those who claim to be thy worshippers,

some regard thee as a cruel torturer, as an inexorable judge


To Know How to Suffer

witnessing the torments that are tolerated by thee or even created

by thy own will?

No, I now perceive that these sufferings come from the very

imperfection of Matter which, in its disorder and crudeness, is

unfit to manifest thee; and thou art the very first to suffer from

it, to bewail it, thou art the first to toil and strive in thy ardent

desire to change disorder into order, suffering into happiness,

discord into harmony.

Suffering is not something inevitable or even desirable, but

when it comes to us, how helpful it can be!

Each time we feel that our heart is breaking, a deeper door

opens within us, revealing new horizons, ever richer in hidden

treasures, whose golden influx brings once more a new and

intenser life to the organism on the brink of destruction.

And when, by these successive descents, we reach the veil

that reveals thee as it is lifted, O Lord, who can describe the

intensity of Life that penetrates the whole being, the radiance of

the Light that floods it, the sublimity of the Love that transforms

it for ever!





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