Extract from The ideal of human unity written

Extract from The ideal of human unity written in1950

In Asia a more perilous situation

has arisen, standing sharply across the way to any possibility

of a continental unity of the peoples of this part of the world,

in the emergence of Communist China. This creates a gigantic

bloc which could easily englobe the whole of Northern Asia

in a combination between two enormous Communist Powers,

Russia and China, and would overshadow with a threat of absorption

South-Western Asia and Tibet and might be pushed

to overrun all up to the whole frontier of India, menacing her

security and that of Western Asia with the possibility of an

invasion and an overrunning and subjection by penetration or

even by overwhelming military force to an unwanted ideology,

political and social institutions and dominance of this militant

mass of Communism whose push might easily prove irresistible.

In any case, the continent would be divided between two huge

blocs which might enter into active mutual opposition and the

possibility of a stupendous world-conflict would arise dwarfing

anything previously experienced: the possibility of any worldunion

might, even without any actual outbreak of hostilities,

be indefinitely postponed by the incompatibility of interests and

ideologies on a scale which would render their inclusion in a

single body hardly realisable.






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