Difficulty of self exceeding and self realisation The course

Difficulty of self exceeding and self realisation

 The course of evolution proceeding from the

vegetable to the animal, from the animal to the man, starts in

the latter from the subhuman; he has to take up into him the

animal and even the mineral and vegetable: they constitute his

physical nature, they dominate his vitality, they have their hold

upon his mentality. His proneness to many kinds of inertia, his

readiness to vegetate, his attachment to the soil and clinging

to his roots, to safe anchorages of all kinds, and on the other

hand his nomadic and predatory impulses, his blind servility

to custom and the rule of the pack, his mob-movements and

openness to subconscious suggestions from the group-soul, his

subjection to the yoke of rage and fear, his need of punishment

and reliance on punishment, his inability to think and act for

himself, his incapacity for true freedom, his distrust of novelty,

his slowness to seize intelligently and assimilate, his downward

propensity and earthward gaze, his vital and physical subjection

to his heredity, all these and more are his heritage from the

subhuman origins of his life and body and physical mind. It is

because of this heritage that he finds self-exceeding the most

difficult of lessons and the most painful of endeavours. Yet it

is by exceeding of the lower self that Nature accomplishes the

great strides of her evolutionary process. To learn by what he

has been, but also to know and increase to what he can be, is

the task that is set for the mental being.





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