VK Singh controversy

Very Bold & Revealing.

VK Singh Controversy: Former Army Chief Attacks Indian Express Editor on Twitter – International Business Times

 1. The news item has appeared in DNA confirming the explosive revelations Gen.VK SIngh was forced to expose to defend the deliberate leaks by the MOD to vilify him. 
2. Iftikar Gilani@iftikargilani writes:
“More than VK, it was the former Ambassador David Mulford who had come up with startling disclosures of a money trail. During the tenure in New Delhi-(2003-09), he sent scores of cables to US State Dept. mentioning the vested interests of “Stake holders” in keeping the Kashmir pot boiling.” 
“In one of the cables leaked by Wikileaks, he says “Omar and Farooq Abdullah, descendants of the Sheikh who first figured out Delhi’s money game, live in fabulous houses in Srinagar and Delhi, wear matching Panerai Watches and serve Blue Label to guests and travel all over the World in First Class, courtesy Indian Govt.” 
He mentioned that State administration gets rivers of money for development but the Strets in J&K are appalling. 
Counter intelligence expert MK Dhar recalls in his book his recruiting a Muslim woman from Old Delhi, who was very efficient in getting counter intelligence even across the border, and such operations cost heavily through secret funding. 
Mulford even talks of a top separatist leader acquiring properties in Dubai, through intelligence agencies and a Minister for irrigation and flood control, now incidentally again in Omar Cabinet, embezzling funds to construct two large houses in Srinagar…… 
Mulford fears that once a deal is struck between Pak and India, Kashmiri elite truly worry that this flow offunds will dry up. The cables quoted even Mehbooba Mufti alleging that Intelligence paid Rs. 1 Cr. to Sajjad Gani Lone to support an independent candidate. 
When IB Chief MK Narayanan took over as NSA,in 2005, he ordered an audit of secret funds spent in J&K….. 
So, the MOD unwittingly forced Gen.VK SIngh open the can of worms to place the Govt. in an embarrassing position to either give him a copy of the charges against him or not under RTI, Notwithstanding the RTI application, Govt. will have to respond to the charges revealed by VK that every Minister was paid by the intelligence wing and with consent of the MOD/ GOI and more dirty linen is likely to be washed, VK trying his best to exonerate himself from these wild irresponsible accusations triggered by the dirty works wing of Congress oon after the Rewari meeting with Mody.
Real story behind smear campaign agnst GenV K Singh
Here’s outcome of my fact finding work about Indian National Congress


 campaign against  with Narendra Modi


 and General V.K Singh


. Am reasonably confident this is what happened and what’s happening. I’ve pieced this together from numerous slivers of conversations with lots of people in the know.  
Mahesh Murthy.

1. General VK Singh is quite upright and incorruptible. However Shashi Kant Sharma


, the erstwhile and extremely corrupt Defence Secretary believes there’s money to be made for himself and people in the Congress through humongous arms deals. General VK Singh slows down some of these deals.

2. Panic strikes. Now the Congress believes it’s time to discredit and remove General VK Singh to make sure the kickback money comes in. So it works with Shekhar Gupta


 of the Indian Express


 to plant a front-page cock-and-bull story about Gen VK Singh planning a military coup. 

3. When that story comes out and is ridiculed, Shashi Kant Sharma and the Congress plants wrong date-of-birth documents and does court shenanigans to make sure that General VK Singh does not get his full term as Army Chief and ensures his premature retirement.

4. So General VK Singh goes out and the Congress-plant and allegedly corrupt General Bikram Singh


is brought in as Army Chief. 

5. Arms deals worth well over $50 billion are struck and announced within weeks of his taking over.

6. To ensure the continuance of kickbacks, even General Bikram Singh’s next-in-line is also readied to be the next corrupt chief-in-waiting.

7. Meanwhile, in an act out of a Kafka novel, and the clearest demonstration of “ulta chor bana kotwal”, the thief Shashi Kant Sharma is now made the policeman – CAG – the Comptroller and Auditor General of India with no precedent, consultation or qualifications. He replaces the uprightVinod Rai


 who caused the government no end of bother. What a masterstroke!

8. Shashi Kant Sharma as CAG now starts going after opposition leaders, per the fantastic game of chess set in place and time for the coming election. General VK Singh is considered to have been taken off the board by the gameplayers.

9. But then the unpredicted happens: General VK Singh cosies up to #NaMo and appears in public with him. General VK Singh is much loved in the army – and Modi’s talk to ex-servicemen goes very well.

10. The Congress is now worried. What if Modi comes to power – and makes Gen VK Singh the next Defence Minister. The worry grows.

11. Paranoia strikes – and the crap propaganda wing surfaces again. This time another cock-and-bull story to defame General VK Singh is put out – about being paid Rs. 1.2 cr to raise a mercenary army to topple the J&K Government.

12. That story also fizzles flat. 

13. Arms deals are now being accelerated. Kickbacks are piling up in Dubai – now that the Congress decided to move its money out of Switzerland.

14. There is some fear and desperation on the chess board. The game, for the Congress, isn’t going as planned.

15. We, the voters, are bemused. The Congress doesn’t give up easily. Too much money is involved. What other twists and turns will happen in the next few months?


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