Indian culture in peril


India if she adheres to her own civilisation,
if she cherishes its spiritual motive, if she clings to its spiritual
principle of formation, will stand out as a living denial,
a hideous “blot” upon this fair, luminous, rationalistic world.
Either she must Europeanise, rationalise, materialise her whole
being and deserve liberty by the change or else she must be kept
in subjection and administered by her cultural superiors: her
people of three hundred million religious savages must be held
down firmly, taught and civilised by her noble and enlightened
Christian-atheistic European warders and tutors. A grotesque
statement in form, but in substance it has in it the root of the
matter. As against the attack—not universal, for understanding
and appreciation of Indian culture are now more common than
before,—India is indeed awaking and defending herself, but not
sufficiently and not with the whole-heartedness, the clear sight
and the firm resolution which can alone save her from the peril.
Today it is close; let her choose,—for the choice is imperatively
before her, to live or to perish.




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