It should have become self-evident by now. Many of the older individuals rebelling against their party, especially the Saffron Party, are doing so because there is panic in their families. They have been occupying fantastic bungalows in Lutyens Delhi for several decades, in power or out of power; some as long as fifty years or more. Quite a few of them would be aware that in the political mood that has overtaken India with the younger generation likely to vote in very large numbers ‘old is no longer gold’. Anybody over 80 hankering for the prime minister’s post would be laughed out of politics in most democracies of the world. India was the exception in the past. It is no longer the case. With their tantrums and quiet efforts to bring down the party so that it does not get too big a majority the name of the game is to keep Narender Modi out – everyone knows the tricks they are up to and the reason for the same. Just as the Gandhi family in their innermost thoughts would be reconciled to a BJP-led coalition, they simply cannot countenance Modi as the PM. They know that any other dispensation in New Delhi does not threaten them or their phenomenal loot siphoned out of India as per most articles appearing in the public domain since the election fever caught on. Modi will leave no stone unturned to retrieve the ill-gotten wealth. In the case of the old fogies their reckoning is similar. With any other dispensation they get to keep their Lutyens bungalows through one position or another bestowed on them. Chairpersons of committees and so many other ways that have been perfected to keep those who should have been out ages ago in clover – both in their bungalows and the priveleges that they have been enjoying. Narender Modi threatens this let-and-let-live as well as loot-and-let-loot philosophy that has prevailed to date, mostly under the Congress dispensation, to keep troublesome opponents tied on a leash through various kinds of accommodations.
vinod saighal
Convenor MRGG  

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