some suggestions for the new government of modi

Here are a few suggestions for the Modi government


New Govt. headed by NM should confront with:

# Agriculture and Rural Development they should place high priority on reducing poverty by raising agricultural production.

# Single most important priority of Modi Govt must be to return India to the path of sustained and robust economic growth.

# Cracking inflation should be India’s priority and Modi Govt. needs to control populist spending and find ways to encourage new investment.

# New Govt. must revisit contentious Tax policies that continue to hinder India investment climate.

# New Govt. Must create a Land Bank which is the immediate requirement to trigger the growth in manufacturing sectors.

# New Govt. should creat a big platform for employment generation.

# Women are the half of India  still being abused, objectified and silenced New Govt. must pay        high priority for equality of women and girl.

# Another area of foreign trade with the surge in political bonhomie with African countries, thrust should be given to promote trade and investment relation with this region. Given the large Indian people domiciled in Africa, India has an edge over a number of developed nations to penetrate in this region.

# Strengthen relations with neighbouring countries

# Work closely with the Armed Forces

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