from a christian in kerala

Matthew • an hour ago

It is not an isolated incident is it.. World over, Muslims are concerned that everyone else is conspiring against them. In the latest news: A Kerala school run by christians was having a party for teachers, and served pork. As there were leftovers, they invited students have a meal. The students were duly cautioned about pork, and advised to have fish curry and pickle if they did not like it. One muslim student went home and told his parents, who were “outraged” that pork was served during the holy month. The result: Protests, the rest of violence etc. Now, the Headmaster and teacher are going to be suspended- even though they had given clear warning.

Now,as an atheist Indian, I have no problems with how people lead their lives. But I expect no interference in my life too. Kerala was a supposedly liberal society, where beef is commonly served in many restaurants. But now, I am being told that pork cannot be served during the holy months. All this is amidst a creeping numerical lowering of the Hindus in the state. Muslim families with 10 kids are a common sight. The Liberalism of my home state is being torn apart. Fear of mob violence is subverting the concept of right and wrong. All this is a warning for the rest of India. Remember this: A Muslim majority India will not be secular, nor will it be a true democracy. Kerala Muslims are highly educated, yet such bigotry exists. Do not make the mistake of thinking that “liberal Islam” exists.


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