Bangladeshi infiltration and its far reaching consequences

Bangladeshi infiltration and its far reaching consequences

Category: JIHAD Published: SUNDAY, 27 JULY 2014 09:22

In 1998, four countries of the world – Pakistan, Bangladesh, Egypt, Afghanistan, made an agreement to fuel international jihad. They vowed to initiate Jihad against America, Europe and India. Since then the attacks on India have increased manifold, aided by Bangladesh and Pakistan. Bangladesh is a growing terrorist hub that not only aids Jihad but also serves as a safe haven forAfghanistani and Pakistani terrorists. The growing radicalization of the native population of Bangladesh is responsible for this. ISLAMIC fundamentalists are now part of Bangladesh government and 58% Bangladeshis think “HUMAN BOMBS” are a good thing for ISLAM.  5,000 Bangladeshi immigrants have created a sleeper cell for JIHAD, and have infiltrated lower areas of ASSAM, they want to break away the north east states and carve out a major portion of India into an Islamic corridor named MUGLISTAN. The code name for this operation given by ISI is operation Pin code.

The city of Siliguri in the state of West Bengal is the central node that connects Bhutan, Nepal, Sikkim, Darjeeling hills, northeast India and the rest of India.  This Siliguri corridor is also called the ‘Chicken Neck’ of India – it runs for approx. 200 kms lengthwise while it width varies from 20-60 kilometers.

A  Chinese invasion of mere 100 kms South of Bhutan will be sufficient to block this corridor and break the North-Eastern part of India away from its mainland.
Not only insurgency but a flourishing narcotics and weapons traffic also takes place in this region.

The day this small corridor is blockaded, no Hindu will be allowed to escape from North -East back to Indian mainland, neither any help will reach them. We’ve seen a similar exodus of Hindus from Bhutan in past two decades and barely anyone in India knows about it

‘Mughlistan research institute’ an ISI brainchild made a plan of operation pin code whose ultimate aim is ethnic partition of India. This will be achieved by populating the belt from Bangladesh to Pakistan with Bangladeshi Muslims. The area under this planned belt occupies states of Punjab, Haryana, UP, Bihar, Jharkhand and West Bengal; i.e., the entire gangatic plain and our northern states.

Under this scheme at least six thousand Bangladeshis infiltrate into India every day. Not due to financial reasons but for this conspiracy alone. They are aided by Indian politicians for obvious reasons .


Bangladeshi census report itself indicates that over one crore Bangladeshis are now missing from Bangladesh. In a very scary scenario these people have now taken over all means of earning of Indian people in north east states and send back  15,000 crore rupees to Bangladesh (every year). They form upto 70 % of population of various areas of east now and are a major deciding factor in vote bank as they vote en-mass for one particular party. Moreover, they are given Indian ration cards and have Indian voter ids. One need not be reminded that these are the same people who give shelter to islamic fundamentalists and abet cross border crime traffic. As a side effect, they’re also affecting health services of native Indians in the region due to their heavy influx. They are snatching away lively hood from Indians.

In short these people pose different kinds of threats to India
1. They take away livelihood of Indians
2. They poach upon farm animals of Indian natives by force or deceit. Statistics reveal that these Bangladeshis illegally transport 20,000 cows to Bangladesh for slaughter every year.
3. They pose a very big security threat as they abet crimes, bomb blasts and narcotics trade. In fact they harbour sleeper cells of 5000 terrorists to be used at opportune moment against India.
4. They cost our government heavily in terms of an added population of 5 crore people demanding heavily on health services etc., law and order, habilitation etc.
5. They send back 15,000 crore rupees back to Bangladesh every year which is dent on Indian economy being illegal in its entirety.
6. They commit crimes in India and go absconding back to Bangladesh
7. They vote en block so that their political interests are served at their will.


Before Hindus were pushed out of Kashmir a big network of Jihadi Madrasas were made throughout Kashmir to radicalize the generations. Same is happening now all over India where these Bangladeshis are being aided by Pakistan and its secret agencies. These madrassa are centres where Jihadis and maoists meet to exchange maps and arms. Rape of Hindu women is a common occurrence in Bangladesh which is a direct result of such radicalisation in madrassas. Rape is just one of the tools to wipe out minorities in Bangladesh: Hindu population fell from 29% at partition (1947) to below 10% today because Muslims of Bangladesh rape, riot and takeover Hindu properties. And even if one forgets Bangladesh for a while, one can observe inside India itself, how it becomes increasingly difficult for Hindus –especially their women, to survive in areas where Muslims are in a majority.

When Bangladeshis come to India they first steal cattle, then assault Hindus and their women, then they attack their fields and occupy it illegally. Hindus have to leave that field in frustration as there is no help forthcoming from the Muslim appeasing administration.  As a result of this, Hindus are selling their property in bordering areas of Assam and are migrating into interiors. (The same is happening in various Muslim majority areas inside India where constant threats and same tactics used by Muslims forces the Hindus to sell their properties at dirt cheap rates and flee from the area.)

Since Ancient times asylum seekers have been coming to seek shelter in India – be it Jews, Christians, Africans, Parsis, Tibetans or even Muslims. However, time has come to differentiate between asylum seekers and miscreant infiltrators. Bangladesh has pushed a staggering 25- 30% of its population into India to harm this country. When a thousand Pakistanis occupied our peaks in Kargil there was a big war. When infiltrators come from Pakistan they are shot down. Yet we continue to tolerate 5 crore Bangladeshis which a poor and terror ridden country like ours cannot afford. An outside attack on our country can be stopped by the Army but you will have no place to run when this attack comes from within India. We’ve seen this happening with ethnic Assamese when they had no place to run in 2013.
If we still choose to tolerate these infiltrators on our land then we are indeed choosing instability and terror for ourselves, and more importantly the generations to come.







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0#60 Raj Ambardar 2014-07-30 21:50

I can’t emphasis enoug on responsibility.Nobody can cross the border until and unless they know how to cross the border with ease.
There is always underlying dishonesty associated with these things.For example in Kashmir BSF had taken a lot of money in 1980’s to let the arms and terrorists into kashmir otherwise a single “pin”wont get into country if honest


0#59 Dr. Dinesh Patel 2014-07-30 18:53

It’s high time to act by people and government.


0#58 Dr. Pankaj 2014-07-30 18:41

I sincerely believe that the time has come for eradication of weeds from our society. Of course a few or a lot will get cuts and nicks but it is damn necessary.


0#57 H.p Singh 2014-07-30 18:34

Something has to b done to stop ISI doing this….this is really sorry state of this nation ….we will fight this til the last drop of blood with ISI n pakistan


0#56 2014-07-30 17:48

Time is Running Out.
We need some Action.


0#55 E.V.Devendranath 2014-07-30 17:19

We have to brainwash our Hindu community, explian the gravity of the situation etc,. They must be desciplened devoted soldiers ohf hinduism.


0#54 Ravi Kant 2014-07-30 16:43

How is d Govt going to and identify them, what r they going to do with them. These Bangladeshi hav got married to Indian Boys/Girls and having kids born in India. They hav land, business and Govt Job too. they hav all the legal documents to qualify for Indian Citizenship. We will b happy if govt can send them back, else its just a BJPs popularity trick on social media.


0#53 Sonia 2014-07-30 16:24

If these are really the facts, then what is government doing to stop this. Earlier BJP used to criticize UPA for supporting this but now BJP led NDA govt is in power. What actions are they taking ??

If not then I think its just stories to polarize the country & hide the real problems we are facing.


0#52 richa 2014-07-30 16:07

people in west bengal are in a deep slumber… dey r happily sleeping considering HONOURABLE C.M. as their BIG SISTER!! I dont understand how can we make dem understand the consequences of this blithe indifference…. its THIS place and its people who can play a crucial role in this regard… but no…. NO1 will rise for a cause..!!! how can such an educated crowd just sit n watch!!


0#51 Ashish Dubey 2014-07-30 16:06

Then what Mr MODI doing 😀



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