The Mother on the Indian Army

As the Armed Forces are in the news now for the great work that they are doing in J&K, it will be appropriate to remind ourselves what the Mother of the Sri Aurobindo Ashram remarked about the Army.

,In 1969, there was a conflict between the police and the Army in West Bengal  At that time, the Mother made some remarks which were sent to Mrs Indira Gandhi. Here is an extract from Mother’s talk:

Indira would not know what to do-whether to support the army or the police. So I had to send someone immediately to tell her, “For heaven’s sake, support the army.” It’s India’s only hope. The army is good, but it’s not supported.

On another occasion I met the former Chief Secretary of Pondicherry  accidentally and she had heard that I have  some  contact with  the Indian Army and she told me something very  interesting. It was in the year 1971 and one day  the Mother suddenly sent for her urgently and asked her to convey the  following  information to the Prime Minister  –  Mrs  Indira Gandhi  urgently.  Mother  said:  “the  Indian  Army  is   deeply loyal,honest  and patriotic and they can be relied to uphold  the honour of the country and that all support is to be given to them as they represent the higher values of the country”.

                                                                                                               Kittu Reddy


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