Kireet Joshi – his work with the government of India

In the early 1960s the Sri Aurobindo International Centre of Education began getting grants every year from the Ministry of Education.  It was for that purpose that  Kireet had to go to Delhi every year for 10 days or so. From Delhi he used to write to Mother daily and Mother would send a telegram every day with her love and blessings.

From December 1973, Kireet, Tanmay and myself would meet the Mother on alternate day in the evening between 7 and 730pm. In January 1973 Kireet returned from his usual trip to Delhi and came straight to the Mother’s room at about 7 pm. When he recounted to Mother that many  senior officers in the Education Ministry were showing a lot of interest and openness to Sri Aurobindo’s concepts of education,  Mother was very happy. Later during the same conversation She added: “whenever you are called to assist Indira Gandhi for education you should respond positively and accept it”.This is the background of Kireet going to Delhi to work with Indira Gandhi after the Mother left Her body.


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