Guru Gobind Singh was the son of Guru Tegh Bahadur and Mata Gujri. He inhaled his last mortal breath at Nanded. The site is enshrined by the Gurudwara Hazoor Saheb; the vibrations there evoke memories of his extraordinary life. Memories:

  • An eight year old boy heard his father mention a problem – that of Kashmiri Pandits being pressured by Aurangzeb’s Governor to convert to Islam. He suggests a solution – they may accept conversion if Guru Tegh Bahadur becomes a muslim. Consequently Guru Tegh Bahadur on being summoned to Delhi, refused to become a muslim; in the hand of his beheaded body was a chit stating, “I gave my head but kept my Faith”.
  • A divinely inspired lad, with a will as hard as steel, resolved to live and move without deviation, on the straight path of Truth.
  • The young man who said of his kinsmen brutalised by the governing dispensation of the last few centuries, “I will transform these sparrows into hawks, these sheep into lions”.
  • The legend, probably true, of the warrior-saint who shot arrows at his enemies with gold-coated heads, symbolic of his compassion for those they left behind.
  • The Guru who, in a congregation of his followers, on receiving confirmation of their loyalty, drew his sword asking for volunteers who would give their heads for him. Five humble men came up one after the other; these he baptised as the five dear Sikhs of the Khalsa and having done so, astounded the assembly by kneeling before them to be baptised as one among the Khalsa.
  • He who said of the Khalsa, “From head to toe, whatever I call my own, all I possess and carry, I dedicate to these people”.
  • The father who lost of all his four sons – the older two, in the battle of Chamkaur and the younger two (eight and five years old) cruelly murdered in captivity on directions from the Governor of Sirhind; they were held alongside each other and gradually suffocated to death with a wall being built around their living breathing bodies.
  • The son who lost his mother in captivity; she died from the shock of witnessing her two young grandsons being cruelly suffocated to death.
  • The husband who responded to his wife’s mention of the loss of all their four sons with the words, “All Khalsas are our sons”.
  • He who lived with the prayer “Grant me O Lord this boon that I may never falter in doing good ……….. May my mind be trained to dwell upon thy goodness and at the last moment of life, may I die fighting in the thick of battle.”
  • The Guru who before his passing away said that there will be no mortal Guru after him; immortal Truth will guide the Sikhs – the Truth that may be intuited from the contents enshrined in the ‘Guru Granth Saheb’.
  • The Guru’s adoring Sikh, Banda Bahadur, who took upon himself to avenge the crimes of the Governor of Sirhind.
  • The devotee Maharaja Ranjit Singh who got the Gurudwara Huzoor Saheb built – the same Ranjeet Singh who with his generals re-conquered all the territories lost by the Guru’s ancestors.


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