India – the Motherland by Sri Aurobindo

A quote from Sri Aurobindo

It is not till the Motherland reveals herself to the eye of the mind as something more than a stretch of earth or a mass of individuals, it is not till she takes shape as a great Divine and Maternal Power in a form of beauty that can dominate the mind and seize the heart that these petty fears and hopes vanish in the all-absorbing passion for the Mother and her service, and the patriotism that works miracles and saves a doomed nation is born. … Once that vision has come to the people, there can be no rest, no peace, no further slumber till the temple has been made ready, the image installed and the sacrifice offered. A great nation, which has had that vision, can never again bend its neck in subjection to the yoke of a conqueror”.[1]


In a speech delivered in 1908, Sri Aurobindo spoke:

When a young worker in India has to go to jail, when he is asked to suffer, he does not feel any pang in the suffering, he does not fear suffering. He goes forward with joy. He says, ‘The hour of my consecration has come, and I have to thank God now that the time for laying myself on his altar has arrived and that I have been chosen to suffer for the good of my countrymen. This is the hour of my greatest joy and the fulfilment of my life’”.

[1] CWSA, Volume 1, p. 640


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