History and Culture of India – a new approach

History and Culture of India – a new approach

I am presenting here a book written by me titled History and Culture of India – a new approach. As of now this book is available only in the printed version. It is likely that in the near future a version in the eBook format will be made available. The publisher of this book is Standard Publishers India based in Delhi. The price of the book is Rs 1295/. It may be purchased directly from the publisher whose email is: standardpublishersindia@gmail.com The cell number of the manager whose name is Mohinder Kumar Vashisht is 09871009093. I am presenting below a brief introduction to the book.

The Genesis of the book

It was in February 1973. Three teachers of the Sri Aurobindo International Centre of Education were having a discussion with the Mother on education. During the discussion Mother remarked that it was necessary that the books on History and more particularly on Indian History be written in the light of Sri Aurobindo. She looked at me and suggested that I could take up this work.

The approach in the book

History, as it has been conceived and written in the modern times has generally limited itself to the narration of events and based its interpretation almost entirely on the rational and objective approach ignoring all other psychological and subjective factors. This predominance is so great that most modern historians and some political thinkers have concluded that objective necessities are by law of Nature the only really determining forces; all else is result or superficial accidents of these forces. Scientific history has been conceived as if it must be a record and appreciation of the environmental motives of political action.

Indian history in particular loses much of its true significance when looked at only from this external view point. This book is an attempt to look at Indin history not only from the external but also from the psychological and subjective point of view. Starting from the Vedic and Upanishadic ages it traces the evolution of India to the building of empires; it is followed by a description of the invasions of Muslims and English and the psychological impact that they had on the people of inda. This is followed by a detailed description of the Freedom Movement with a special emphasis of the psychological forces that were in play till the attainment of Independence. Finally it concludes with a vision of the future of India. We hope that this book will give a true and deeper understanding of Indian culture. We also hope that it will set a trend for a truer and more comprehensive history and culture of India,


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