School in Bihar built by Japanese

IN 2006 about 50 students from Tokyo Gakugei University donated money they made from working part-time jobs to an NGO in India to construct a new school building for the Niranjana Public Welfare School in Bihar, near Bodhgaya. The school was established in response to the poor education system in the region. The school had enrolled around 400 students studying from nursery to class 7

The school decided to have a art contest , They just said use the walls . One of the artists who participated in the festival three years in row was Yusuke Asai. Inspired by traditional Indian wall paintings, Asai filled the entire walls and ceiling of a classroom with paintings made using mud. Working with all the school children, he collected soils from various sites in the village and mixed them with water to make pigments.

After the festival was over, Asai and the children once again, this time to help wash away the mud paintings, returning the material to the soil. Through this experience, Asai was teaching the children the meaning of life as a cycle in today’s context, by painfully wiping away his own work.

Looks like the foreigners are learning the lesson of Impermanence faster than we are . There is a photo of Yusuki here , with his back to the camera, as he is averse to being known











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